You are to create the grading rubric for your group and individual assignments. I want our wiki to be a place where students can post whatever they find related to the class (meaning that they are thinking like a psychologist and are looking for course material outside of class time); however, I don't just want them going to Google and posting the first linked item. I want us to have some clear guidelines about what consitutes a good video, article, chapter outline, discussion post, etc.

Create a grading rubric (this is a list of skills with corresponding points for each skill) with the guidelines that you believe should be included for each wiki post. Post your rubric in the discussion section. The discussion board is found at the top of the page. Click on the word "discussion" and follow the discussion thread from there.

Read your classmates' posts and think about their ideas. Come back and post revisions to your list. By the end of week two, we will need to have a concession on how to grade our wiki.